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  B.A. (History | Political Science | Geography | Psychology | Economics | English Lit. | Sociology | Hindi)

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A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is a versatile and widely recognized undergraduate academic qualification. It encompasses a broad range of disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and liberal arts. Pursuing a B.A. degree equips students with a comprehensive understanding of various subjects, enabling them to develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills. This degree program offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to explore diverse areas of interest, tailoring their education to suit their career goals. Students pursuing a B.A. engage in research, critical analysis, and creative expression, fostering a well-rounded intellectual development. Whether one aims to pursue a career in fields such as education, journalism, public administration, or the arts, a B.A. degree provides a solid foundation for professional success and personal growth.

Duration / Schedule

3 Years (6 Semesters)


50% through APEX Merit
50% through CUET Merit

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 in any stream with Minimum 45% by a recognized Board.


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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is a comprehensive undergraduate program that covers a wide range of academic disciplines. It is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education and a broad understanding of various subjects. The B.A. curriculum typically includes humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and liberal arts courses. Students pursuing a B.A. degree engage in critical thinking, research, analysis, and communication skills development. The program encourages exploration and allows students to tailor their education to their interests and career goals. Graduates with a B.A. degree possess valuable skills applicable to a variety of professional fields, including education, journalism, public administration, social services, and the arts. They are equipped to think critically, solve complex problems, and adapt to an ever-changing global landscape. A B.A. degree serves as a solid foundation for both professional success and personal growth.

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– Interdisciplinary Studies: The future of B.A. holds great potential for interdisciplinary studies. As the world becomes more interconnected, there will be an increased demand for professionals who can bridge the gaps between different disciplines, combining knowledge and skills from various fields to solve complex problems.

– Digital Humanities: The rise of technology and digital platforms opens up new avenues for B.A. graduates. The future scope includes opportunities in digital humanities, where individuals can explore the intersection of technology, data analysis, and humanities disciplines to study and preserve cultural heritage, analyze societal trends, and create engaging digital content.

– Global Perspectives: With globalization, there is a growing need for individuals who understand diverse cultures, languages, and global issues. B.A. graduates will have opportunities to work in international organizations, NGOs, and government agencies, contributing their cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking skills to address global challenges.

– Communication and Media: As communication technologies continue to evolve, B.A. graduates can pursue careers in media, journalism, and digital communication. They will play a crucial role in shaping narratives, storytelling, and disseminating information in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

– Creative Industries: The creative industries, including art, design, writing, and entertainment, are expected to thrive in the future. B.A. graduates can explore careers in these fields, leveraging their creative and analytical skills to contribute to the development of innovative and culturally impactful projects.

Overall, the future scope of B.A. is promising, offering diverse opportunities in interdisciplinary fields, digital humanities, global perspectives, communication and media, and the creative industries.




– Education Sector: B.A. graduates can find promising opportunities in the education sector, working as teachers, curriculum developers, or education administrators. Their broad knowledge base and critical thinking skills make them valuable assets in educational institutions at various levels.

– Journalism and Media: The journalism and media industry relies on individuals with strong communication skills and a deep understanding of social issues. B.A. graduates can pursue careers as journalists, content writers, editors, or media analysts, contributing to news organizations, digital media platforms, or publishing houses.

– Public Administration: The public sector offers significant prospects for B.A. graduates. Their analytical and research skills, along with their knowledge of social sciences, make them well-suited for roles in public administration, policy analysis, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

– Arts and Culture: B.A. graduates can explore opportunities in the arts and culture sector, working in museums, art galleries, cultural institutions, or arts administration. Their understanding of fine arts, history, and cultural perspectives enables them to contribute to the promotion and preservation of artistic and cultural heritage.

– Social Services: B.A. graduates can make a difference in the social services sector, working in fields such as community development, social work, counseling, or advocacy. Their understanding of social issues, empathy, and critical thinking skills equip them to address societal challenges and support individuals and communities in need.

In summary, B.A. graduates have industry prospects in the education sector, journalism and media, public administration, arts and culture, and social services. Their broad knowledge base, critical thinking, and communication skills open doors to a range of rewarding careers in these fields.

Overall, graduates of the B.A. programs can look forward to exciting and challenging career opportunities in various industries, where the skills and knowledge can be applied to solve real-world problems and drive innovation.

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Research is crucial in academic institutions as it contributes to the advancement of knowledge, enhances institutional credibility and reputation, promotes practical applications, develops critical thinking and analytical skills, and promotes innovation and creativity. It helps to expand the boundaries of knowledge and improve understanding of various subjects. Research output reflects the quality of education and intellectual atmosphere of an institution. Research findings can be applied to solve real-world problems and improve people’s lives. It provides opportunities for students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Therefore, it is crucial for academic institutions to invest in research and provide adequate resources and support for research activities.

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Q. What is the admission Procedure ?

A. Based on Apex Merit or CUET merit along with Personal Interview

Q. How can I communicate with Apex ?

A. You can talk to our Admission Counsellors and Experts on these numbers : +91-7413874138 or you can mail to : info@apexuniversity.co.in

Q. How can I apply ?

A. You should register yourself and submit your online application. You will get an email on your registered email.

Q. Are these courses UGC recognized ?

A. Apex University is UGC recognized University in Jaipur and is duly accredited with competent authorities. Engineering courses are approved by AICTE, new Delhi.