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Apex University - Activities & Events

Here are different types of extracurricular activities :

Administration By Student (Student Governance)

We always believe in developing leadership skills in students with utmost discipline. Sometimes, we give a chance to demonstrate such skills by giving our students, some administrative jobs. It’s a great way to participate in mainstream and showing the capability & responsibility.

Students Clubs

At our Campus, Students get a chance to be a member of various Students Club. These clubs can be joined as per the interest of students.
Students can also join Academic Clubs related to their subject preferences.

The Debate Team

The Debate Team is a great idea to develop the ability of thoughtful discussions in students. Students on the debate team are more likely to be engaged in the issues of today, able to think critically and are not afraid to speak out.

The Art & Culture

Creativity is always an asset and it is useful in every arena of human life. Students active in creative arts, like music, drama and visual arts tend to be open-minded, eccentric and think outside of the box.


Obtaining an internship as a partial fulfillment of the course curriculum is very important. It gives the opportunity of market exposure and creates better chances of employment after the studies.

Volunteer Work and Community Service

If you get the good things from the society then it is your duty to give your best to the society. We encourage our students to conduct volunteer work and provide community service.

The Apex Newspaper

Being published in any form – whether it’s the student newspaper or another form – is an impressive accomplishment. The Apex Newspaper is a


Healthy mind resides in healthy body. Participating in any sport activity helps to improve the endurance of human body and creates a way for healthy life. We encourage our students to join various Sports Club at Apex University.