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B.Tech Electrical Engineering focuses on studying the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power, as well as the design, analysis, and implementation of electrical circuits and systems. Students delve into topics such as electromagnetism, electronics, power systems, control systems, communication systems, and renewable energy sources. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, students learn to analyze and solve complex electrical engineering problems. This dynamic field offers endless possibilities, as electrical engineers play a crucial role in various sectors including power generation, telecommunications, information technology, automation, manufacturing, and transportation. Graduates of the B.Tech Electrical program are well-equipped to pursue careers in research and development, design and analysis, project management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. By enrolling in B.Tech Electrical, you embark on a journey of innovation, discovery, and technological advancement, where you will acquire the skills needed to shape the future of our increasingly electrified world.

Duration / Schedule

4 Years (8 Semesters)


50% through APEX Merit
50% through CUET Merit

Eligibility Criteria

Passed 10+2 examination with Physics/ Mathematics / Chemistry/ Computer Science/Electronics/Information Technology/ Biology/Informatics Practices/ Biotechnology/ Technical Vocational subject/ Agriculture/ Engineering Graphics/ Business Studies/Entrepreneurship. (Any of the three) Obtained at least 45% marks


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  Programme Highlights


The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electrical Engineering is a four-year undergraduate program that provides students with a strong foundation in the field of electrical engineering. Here is an overview of the program in six key points:
Core Knowledge: B.Tech Electrical covers a wide range of subjects including electrical circuits, electronics, power systems, control systems, electromagnetism, and communication systems. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications of electrical engineering.
Practical Skills: The program emphasizes hands-on experience through laboratory work, projects, and internships. Students learn to design, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical systems, and gain proficiency in using industry-standard tools and software.
Specializations: Students often have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as power systems, control systems, electronics, telecommunications, renewable energy, or robotics, allowing them to develop expertise in their area of interest.
Industry Relevance: B.Tech Electrical is designed to meet the demands of the industry. The curriculum is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advancements in technology and industry trends, ensuring graduates are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.
Further Studies: B.Tech Electrical provides a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue higher studies, such as a Master’s degree or PhD, in electrical engineering or related fields. It also offers opportunities for research and innovation in various areas of electrical engineering.  

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The future scope of B.Tech Electrical Engineering is promising, as the demand for skilled electrical engineers continues to grow in various industries. Here are six points highlighting the future prospects of this field:

– Renewable Energy: With the increasing focus on sustainability and renewable energy sources, electrical engineers will play a crucial role in the development and implementation of technologies such as solar power, wind energy, and energy storage systems. The demand for professionals skilled in renewable energy systems and grid integration is expected to rise.

– Smart Grids and Power Systems: The evolution of smart grids and advanced power systems requires expertise in electrical engineering. This includes optimizing energy distribution, incorporating smart metering, integrating renewable sources, and implementing efficient control and automation systems.

– Electric Transportation: The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and the infrastructure required to support them will create opportunities for electrical engineers. They will be involved in designing and developing charging stations, battery technology, power management systems, and electric vehicle control systems.

– Internet of Things (IoT) and Automation: The integration of electrical systems with IoT technologies is on the rise. Electrical engineers will be involved in designing and implementing IoT-enabled devices and automation systems for industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and smart homes.




B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduates have excellent industry prospects with a wide range of opportunities awaiting them. Here are five key industry prospects for B.Tech Electrical graduates:

– Power Generation and Distribution: Electrical engineers are in demand in the power sector, working on power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. They contribute to the design, maintenance, and optimization of electrical grids, ensuring efficient and reliable power supply.

– Telecommunications: The rapid growth of telecommunications requires electrical engineers to design and develop communication systems, network infrastructure, and wireless technologies. They play a vital role in the expansion and improvement of communication networks.

– Manufacturing and Automation: Electrical engineers are involved in designing, implementing, and maintaining automated systems in manufacturing industries. They contribute to process control, robotics, and industrial automation, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

– Renewable Energy: As the focus on renewable energy sources increases, electrical engineers play a crucial role in the design and implementation of solar power, wind energy, and energy storage systems. They contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions.

– Consulting and Research: B.Tech Electrical graduates can pursue careers in consulting firms, providing expert advice and solutions for various industries. Additionally, they can engage in research and development activities, driving innovation in areas such as power systems, electronics, and control systems.

Overall, graduates of the B.Tech programs can look forward to exciting and challenging career opportunities in various industries, where the skills and knowledge can be applied to solve real-world problems and drive innovation.

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bTech Electrical


    BTech Electrical    

– Engineering Mathematics-I
– Engineering Chemistry
– Communication Skills
– Programming for Problem Solving
– Basic Civil Engineering

– Engineering Chemistry Lab
– Language Lab
– Computer Programming Lab
– Basic Civil Engineering Lab
– Computer Aided Engineering Graphics
– Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

– Engineering Mathematics-II
– Engineering Physics
– Human Values
– Basic Mechanical Engineering
– Basic Electrical Engineering

– Engineering Physics Lab
– Human Values Activities
– Manufacturing Practices Workshop
– Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
– Computer Aided Machine Drawing
– Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

– Advance Mathematics
– Technical Communication
– Power Generation Process
– Electrical Circuit Analysis
– Analog Electronics
– Electrical Machine – I
– Electromagnetic Field
– Fundamentals of Computer Application – I
– Professional English – I

– Analog Electronics Lab
– Electrical Machine-I Lab
– Electrical Circuit Design Lab
– Training Seminar
– Fundamentals of Computer Application – I
– Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

– Biology
– Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting
– Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
– Electrical Machine –II
– Power Electronics
– Signals & Systems
– Digital Electronics
– Professional English – II
– Fundamentals of Computer Application – II

– Electrical Machine -II Lab
– Power Electronics Lab
– Digital Electronics Lab
– Measurement Lab
– Fundamentals of Computer Application – II
– Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

- Electrical Materials
- Power System – I
- Control System
- Microprocessor
- Electrical Machine Design
- Electromagnetic Wave
- Professional English - III
- Fundamentals of Computer Application - III

- Power System - I Lab
- Control System Lab
- Microprocessor Lab
- System Programming Lab
- Industrial Training
- Fundamentals of Computer Application – III
- Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

- Computer Architecture
- Power System – II
- Power System Protection
- Electrical Energy Conversion And Management
- Electric Drives
- Power System Planning
- Professional English - IV
- Fundamentals of Computer Application - IV

- Power System - II Lab
- Electric Drives Lab
- Power System Protection Lab
- Power System Planning Lab
- Fundamentals of Computer Application – III
- Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

- Wind & Solar Energy Systems
- Power Quality And Facts
- Control System Design
- Open Elective-I

- Modelling And Simulation Lab
- Advanced Control System Lab
- Industrial Training
- Seminar
- Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

- HVDC Transmission System
- Line-Commutated And Active PWM Rectifiers
- Advanced Electric Drives
- Open Elective-II

- Energy System Lab
- Project
- Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

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Q. What is the duration of the B.Tech Electrical program ?

A. The B.Tech Electrical program typically spans four years of full-time study.

Q. Can I specialize in a specific area within B.Tech Electrical ?

A. Yes, many B.Tech Electrical programs offer specialization options such as power systems, control systems, electronics, telecommunications, renewable energy, or robotics, allowing you to focus on your area of interest.

Q. What are the career prospects after completing B.Tech Electrical ?

A. Graduates of B.Tech Electrical have diverse career options, including roles in power generation, telecommunications, manufacturing, and consulting. They can work as electrical engineers, design engineers, project managers, or research specialists.

Q. Are there opportunities for internships and practical experience?

A. Yes, B.Tech Electrical programs often include opportunities for internships, industrial training, and practical projects, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Q. What is the admission Procedure ?

A. Based on Apex Merit or CUET merit along with Personal Interview.

Q. How can I communicate with Apex ?

A. You can talk to our Admission Counsellors and Experts on these numbers : +91-7413874138 or you can mail to : info@apexuniversity.co.in

Q. How can I apply ?

A. You should register yourself and submit your online application. You will get an email on your registered email.

Q. Are these courses UGC recognized ?

A. Apex University is UGC recognized University in Jaipur and is duly accredited with competent authorities. Engineering courses are approved by AICTE, new Delhi.