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  MBA – Dual Specialization (Marketing | Finance | Human Resource | Information Systems | Operations & Supply Chain Management)

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dual Specialization program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of multiple business disciplines, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. This unique program offers students the opportunity to specialize in two distinct areas, allowing them to develop expertise in multiple domains. By pursuing dual specializations, students gain a competitive advantage, as they acquire a broader skill set and a deeper understanding of various business functions. The program encompasses a wide range of subjects, including finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and entrepreneurship, among others. Through a combination of rigorous coursework, real-world case studies, and experiential learning opportunities, students are prepared to tackle complex business challenges and emerge as versatile professionals capable of leading organizations across industries. With an MBA Dual Specialization, graduates possess the necessary expertise to make strategic decisions and drive organizational success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Duration / Schedule

2 Years (4 Semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

Passed in Bachelor’s degree (any discipline) or equivalent. Obtained at least 50%

Seat Metrix

50% through APEX Merit
50% through CUET Merit


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B.Tech CSE – Specialization in Data Science is an undergraduate engineering program focusing on developing skills and knowledge related to data analysis, data management, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The program highlights a range of subjects, such as statistics, mathematics, programming, database management, data visualization, and machine learning.  One of the key program highlights is the emphasis on hands-on training, allowing students to work on real-world projects that enable them to develop practical skills and gain industry experience. The program encourages students to participate in internships and collaborate with industry partners to work on challenging projects. Another highlight of the program is the curriculum that covers emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, enabling students to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. It provides them with a competitive advantage when entering the job market. The program also allows students to specialize in areas such as data analytics, data engineering, or machine learning, allowing them to tailor their education to their specific career interests. In addition to technical skills, the program emphasizes communication skills and teamwork, which are essential in the workplace. Students are trained to work collaboratively, which helps them become influential team members. Overall, the B.Tech CSE in Data Science program offers a comprehensive education that prepares students for a career in data analytics. With its focus on hands-on training, cutting-edge curriculum, and emphasis on communication and teamwork skills, graduates of this program are well-equipped to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly growing field of data science.

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The future scope of MBA Dual Specialization is highly promising, offering numerous opportunities for professionals seeking advanced business expertise. Here are five key points highlighting its potential :

– Enhanced Employability : Graduates with a dual specialization possess a diversified skill set, making them highly desirable to employers across industries. They can assume leadership roles in multiple functions, adapt to diverse business environments, and contribute effectively to organizational growth.

– Strategic Decision-Making : Dual specialization equips professionals with a holistic understanding of multiple business disciplines, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions. This skill is crucial for navigating complex business challenges and driving sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market.

– Entrepreneurial Ventures: Dual specialization provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a comprehensive knowledge base to launch and manage their own businesses. The combination of expertise in areas such as finance and marketing equips them with the skills needed to identify opportunities, create innovative strategies, and establish successful ventures.

Overall, the future scope of MBA Dual Specialization is bright, offering graduates a competitive edge and opening doors to a wide range of career prospects in the ever-evolving business landscape.




The industry prospects of MBA Dual Specialization are highly promising, as organizations increasingly value professionals with a diverse skill set and expertise in multiple business domains. Here are four key points highlighting the industry prospects of this program :

– Leadership Roles : MBA Dual Specialization prepares individuals for leadership positions across various industries. Graduates can assume management roles in finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and other departments, leading teams and driving organizational success.

– Consulting Opportunities : Consulting firms often seek professionals with a breadth of knowledge across different business functions. Dual specialization equips graduates with the expertise to provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations to clients, making them highly sought after in the consulting industry.

– International Opportunities : With the global nature of business today, organizations are seeking professionals who can navigate international markets. Dual specialization provides individuals with a global perspective, cultural sensitivity, and cross-functional skills, making them well-suited for international roles and opportunities.

Overall, the industry prospects of MBA Dual Specialization are diverse and expansive, offering graduates a wide range of career opportunities in leadership, consulting, industry-specific roles, entrepreneurship, and global business.

Overall, graduates of the MBA programs can look forward to exciting and challenging career opportunities in various industries, where the skills and knowledge can be applied to solve real-world problems and drive innovation.

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MBA (Dual Specialization)


    MBA (Dual Specialization)    

– Fundamentals of Management
– Managerial Economics
– Operations Management-I
– Marketing Management
– Organizational Behavior
– Cost and Management Accounting
– Information Technology for Managers
– Business Statistics and Analytics for Decision Making

– Seminar on Contemporary Issues
– Data Analytics Lab
– Business Communication Lab
– Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

– Legal and Business Environment
– Corporate Strategy
– Quantitative Techniques
– Financial Management
– Human Resource Management
– New Enterprise and Innovation Management
– Operations Management- II
– Marketing Research

– Mini-Project
– Business Ethics Lab
– Managerial Computing Lab
– Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities


Group A: Marketing
- Integrated Marketing Communication
- Sales Distribution and Logistics Management
- Product & Brand Management

Group B: Human Resource
- Training & Organizational Development
- Strategic Human Resource Management
- Compensation Management

Group C: Finance
- Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
- Marketing of Financial Services
- Banking and Finance

Group D: Operations & Supply Chain Management
- Materials Management
- Total Quality Management
- Manufacturing Planning & Control

Group E: Information Systems
- E-Business
- Strategic Management of Information Technology
- Information Security and Cyber Law

- Entrepreneurial Lab I
- Managerial Skills Development Lab I
- Summer Training Project Report
- Major Lab I
- Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities


Group A: Marketing
- Consumer Behavior
- Services Marketing
- Customer Relationship Management

Group B: Human Resource
- Employee Relations & Labour Laws
- Performance Management System
- Cross Cultural Human Resource Management

Group C: Finance
- Financial Derivatives
- Financial System, Institutions and Instruments
- Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring

Group D: Operations & Supply Chain Management
- Supply Chain and Logistics Management
- Project Management
- Service Operations Management

Group E: Information Systems
- Managing Digital Innovation and Transformation
- Artificial Intelligence for Managers
- Emerging Technologies in Data Base Management

- Entrepreneurial Lab II
- Managerial Skills Development Lab II
- Summer Training Project Report
- Major Lab II
- Social Outreach, Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities

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Q. What is the admission Procedure ?

A. Based on Apex Merit or CUET merit along with Personal Interview.

Q. How can I communicate with Apex ?

A. You can talk to our Admission Counsellors and Experts on these numbers : +91-7413874138 or you can mail to : info@apexuniversity.co.in

Q. How can I apply ?

A. You should register yourself and submit your online application. You will get an email on your registered email.

Q. Are these courses UGC recognized ?

A. Apex University is UGC recognized University in Jaipur and is duly accredited with competent authorities. Engineering courses are approved by AICTE, new Delhi.