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Sonu Sood Visit At Apex

We are excited to announce the gracious visit of Famous Bollywood Actor & Philanthropist Mr Sonu Sood at Apex University Campus. Mr Sonu Sood is visiting Apex University for the First Convocation Ceremony on 20th May 2023.

"एक मुलाकात सोनू सूद के साथ"

Mr Sonu Sood will join at 5:00 PM on 20th May 2023. He will also attend various activities in Apex University. Anyone can attend the events with eligibility criteria of :

Age 15-25 Years
Student must have School/College ID or Aadhaar Card.


1) To participate in any of the contests (Dance/Singing/Rap/Stand Up Comedy/Sketch/Reel Making), the participant must create a 30-second video for the selected category and in sketch only Sonu Sood sketch is allowed (A3 size only).

2) The participant must fill out the form where he/she has to attach their 30-sec video latest by 19th May. (Form link in Apex University insta bio) also share on whatsapp 8209641693

3) Top 3 candidates from each category will get a chance to meet and share the stage with Sonu Sood & get exciting prizes.

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Participate in any of the following categories: Dance/Singing/Rap/Stand-up Comedy/Reel Making and Sketch (Sonu Sood only) and winners get a chance to share the stage with Sonu Sood and get exciting prizes.